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Currently delivering to: VANCOUVER and CALGARY - See delivery map
SPUD "Stay Home" Boxes

We have the ability to distribute food to those who need it most. We have created set food boxes for home delivery to help our customers limit their community risk, aid those who are food insecure and our front line workers who are working tirelessly to help those in need.

Safe Grocery Delivery

We made them Simple

To order, follow these steps:

  1. Check the delivery area to see if we are delivering to your area (we are increasing our delivery areas every week!) 
  2. Create a user account on this SPUD STAY HOME website. You cannot use your existing login for this program. 
  3. Choose your box, we are adding more boxes every week. 
  4. Add your delivery details and pay at checkout. We deliver 2 days to most places after you place your order! (See delivery map for details)
We made them Convenient

The STAY HOME boxes are delivered Sunday to Friday, before 9:00 pm each day. See delivery map for details.  The delivery is made without contact. Your delivery person will ring your doorbell, or your buzzer, wait for you to come to the door (or come downstairs if you are in an apartment) and they will sign the delivery slip for you. We encourage you to wash your hands with soap after unpacking your groceries. 

To enable convenient delivery of these boxes, there are no substitutions, order cancellations or alterations to the box contents. COVID-19 has strained all supply chains so to ensure reliability, our team needs the flexibility to substitute different brands & products in the boxes. Our goal is to provide a reliable service and complete order, so we cannot guarantee specific vendors or brands for each product in the box. We will guarantee that you get value for each item in the box.

Cost Effective


The food box contents were designed to provide you with grocery essentials each week. We are striving to consistently offer the best possible value for healthy online grocery delivery.

For every Stay Home box purchased by a customer, $3.00 will go back into the program where we will donate that money to an organization to support at risk people in our community and front line workers.

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